Friday, January 14, 2011

First week

Hello Everyone, so I finished my first week of classes and im pretty confidant about the classes that I am taking. They are all interesting and they all happen to be "first year" corses. This is good for mainly two reasons.

1) They will be easy. I am not trying to kill myself with classes especially because none of the grades I earn will be reflected in my Brandeis transcript. Every class I take here is Pass/Fail so as long as I get Bs I will be ok.

2) Apparently first year course exams are earlier in the exam period which is May 2- June 10. Yes thats right it is possible that exams end on June 10th. I would rather not be studying for an exam in the beginning of June, what am I in high school again, NO. Hopefully my exams will be done by the middle of May. I have all of April off and that is when I plan on traveling around.

Classes I am Taking:
Globalization, Developement and Inequalities
History of Medieval Structure (not buildings but institutions)
Intro to Politics (political Theory)
Britain Since 1945

My Thursday classes end at 12 and I have Fridays off, which means that I can travel more. YAY

Well today i Start my homestay in which i will be living with an english family for two days, Hope they feed me good food.

"Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting, experience treacherous, judgment difficult."

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