Friday, February 25, 2011

Germany- Freiburg

Its been a long time but I now have a lot to talk about. From Feb 22-24 I was in Freiburg Germany!

On Tuesday (the 22) I woke up at 3:30 am to catch a bus, to another bus, to a train and finally to Gatwick Airport outside of London. I got there a bit early but it would not have been good to miss the flight. So I sat down, grabbed a coffee and read the paper... I watched a movie on my iPad, you happy.

My flight was from Gatwick to Basel Airport in Switzerland. Before I got on the flight I thought to myself, I don't speak a lick of French or German, how the hell am I going to get to Freiburg without having to ask someone for help. In this case I headed Moms advice, talk to strangers. So i turned to the person behind me and started a conversation. She is a grad student studying in Germany who is from Azerbaijan. She was going to help me find a way to Freiburg, but as soon as we got through immigration there were large signs pointing to buses to Freiburg so it was fairly easy.

When I got to Freiburg Darryl met me at the bus station but it happened to be his busy day for classes so I went with him to the school and i just took a nap on a couch. Later Darryl's friend took me on a tour of the town while Darryl was in class. After classes were over we went to a bar and grabbed a beer. German "bier" is so much better than most other beers I've had, except Yuengling of course. We went back to Darryl's place and had an early night.

The next day Darryl and I went into town and walked around the hot spots and looked at the cathedral in the middle of town. He tried to teach me some German but I don't remember anything... oh well. We then walked around a bit more then grabbed some beers at the grocery store.

At night we went went to this one bar that had all these different kinds of shots like "Chuck Norris" and "Kamikaze." I am not really sure what was in them but they were good. Once it started getting later we went to this club which was having Reggae night, which obviously I was adamant about going. The music was really good, it was German reggae which was interesting. While there I got a shot of absinthe, (mom and dad... when in Rome), which was interesting taste, never had it before.

We woke up and were a bit tired from being out so late the night before. We walked around and tried to see the things I had not. Then Darryl and I got some beers and looked at the Cathedral some more. I then had to catch my bus to the airport, and that was my trip to Freiburg, a nice city in Germany that I would recommend to people.

“Let every man judge according to his own standards, by what he has himself read, not by what others tell him.”

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